100 Dollar Bill Makeover – Historical Note

As currencies worldwide grow in circulation and foreign money is accepted in new markets internationally, the necessity to protect a country’s currency from counterfeiters is critical.


In April of this year, the Federal Reserve announced the introduction of a redesigned 100 dollar bill. The bill is due for release and is expected to enter circulation on October 8th 2013.


The new design includes a number of security features that make it extremely difficult to counterfeit. The features include a blue 3D stripe that runs vertically along the bill, as well as a disappearing Liberty Bell on the bottom right front corner.


In addition to the safety features, the colors of the bill will become much more colorful and vibrant, emulating other currencies worldwide. The infamous “greenback” will contain much less green and take on an entirely new color scheme.



Sources:         Federal Reserve, U.S. Mint


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